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Who Is The Art Of Server

I am a server enthusiast. I want to show you all the incredible things you can do with servers.

In my early years, I was passionate about mathematics and high energy physics, but always tinkered with computing. My first programming language was BASIC on a SHARP pocket computer where I wrote a tiny turn-based RPG. While still in academia, I taught myself C and C++ and started using Linux based on a suggestion by one of my physics professors. This had the unintended consequence of redirecting my passions towards open source software and information technology and I left academia to pursue it.

I spent many years working in information security, which gave me the opportunity to broaden my passions to many operating systems, software development, databases, storage technologies, appliance design, data center operations, and cloud computing. Throughout my technical career, I've always pursued every computing challenge with passion and out of the box thinking. I even had the opportunity to pioneer some technologies before the industry had a buzzword for them. Work was always a passion and it extended to my personal life.

I've operated a rack of servers at home for almost 20 years. In that time, I've had a variety of systems, from Sun Microsystems/SPARC, DEC/Alpha, SGI, HP-UX/PA-RISC, NEC/MIPS, and many varieties of x86 servers. Along the way, I shared my passion with friends and strangers, but it was usually a small community. However, in recent years, the popularization of the homelab hobby has expanded this community. I then found that my knowledge and art was useful to this community, and I started the Art of Server eBay store, selling pre-flashed IT mode HBA SAS controllers. I then started the Art of Server YouTube channel to share my art and answer questions from my eBay customers.

What I Do

I sell sexy server components in my eBay store and make awesome videos on YouTube.

I share my passion for servers by providing server components at my eBay store and making videos about servers.

YouTube channel

I started my YouTube channel to answer the many questions I got on eBay from people who were building their own servers. I've since expanded the topics to discuss many awesome things you can do with servers, as well as discoveries I've made in LSI controller firmware flashing.

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eBay store

I started my eBay store to sell LSI SAS controllers pre-flashed with LSI IT mode firmware. I've since expanded my product selection with many other server components. Now, my store has the greatest selection of HBA SAS controllers on eBay. Even if you don't need anything from my store right now, you should check it out for the sexiest photos of server components on eBay!

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Featured Works

These are some of my recent projects and discoveries I want to share with you.

What Other Server Enthusiasts Are Saying.

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Can not say enough how great a seller he is. Very Quick!! Exactly what I ordered

*motley* Happy eBay customer
Author image

Communication skills beyond anything experienced on ebay! FAST HELPFUL FRIENDLY!

limpbizkit711 Happy eBay customer
Author image

Absolutely the best service after the sale I've ever had on eBay!! First Class!

briansz Happy eBay customer
Author image

Awesome and helpful seller. Full of information, and shipped FAST. Thank you!

bonnmike0906 Happy eBay customer
Author image

Super helpful, responsive and went above and beyond answering some of my question

petersharp14 Happy eBay customer
Author image

TheArtOfServer is a rockstar! He even helped me with getting them to work! Thanks

edgar_w2leu Happy eBay customer
Author image

Answered all my questions (so many!) and was a huuge help! Seller is awesome!

mercurialtins Happy eBay customer
Author image

Literally the best eBay seller I’ve interacted with. Prompt, very helpful!

j4m3z0r Happy eBay customer
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Highest praise! This guy is meticulous and knowlegable. Superluminal shipping.

h_sparks Happy eBay customer
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Hands down best experience I've had buying on ebay. Do visit his youtube channel

shomil.saini Happy eBay customer
Author image

Helped me solve the issue with a lost package. Really helpful and nice!

fireddragondol Happy eBay customer
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root~$ Perfect! Fast shipping. Honest and very kind seller, A++ I also luv cats :)

ralphy5002 Happy eBay customer
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Absolutely one of the best eBay sellers I've dealt with, very honest and helpful

brimnac Happy eBay customer
Author image

Best seller on ebay hands down! Fast shipping, great communication, PERFECT item

limpbizkit711 Happy eBay customer
Author image

Seller is a class act. Even helped me troubleshoot an issue that was my error.

chung91411 Happy eBay customer
Author image

A++ seller, informative vids + product knowlege + helpfulness is unparalelled

austinco280 Happy eBay customer
Author image

Honest, helpful seller. Cares about his products and those who purchase them.

inmi9471.b7veqlcod Happy eBay customer
Author image

Worked perfectly. If you're looking for HBA's for FreeNAS, this is the guy.

sissoncomputers Happy eBay customer
Author image

Amazing seller. Epically fast shipping and knows his customers.100% recommended!

shadowlife25 Happy eBay customer
Author image

The best seller I have ever dealth with. Helped diagnose installation issues. A+

int0x32 Happy eBay customer
Author image

Did all the hard work already. Perfection in card form.

combatmedic45 Happy eBay customer
Author image

Saved my butt for my unRAID setup. Seller even helped troubleshoot for me. A+

fyreftw Happy eBay customer
Author image

Perhaps the best and most helpful seller I've ever dealt with. Highly recommend!

ca_kis4 Happy eBay customer
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